Used Funktion-One Gear For Sale!

We still have some Funktion-one and XTA used gear available, condition is used but in full working order and sold with a three month warranty. Look below for our new prices and if your interested, get in touch on or call us on 44(0)1206 369966
Funktion-One Res5T with wheelboard: £2000 plus VAT each, 24 available.
Funktion-One V221 subs in black PU with wheels: £2650 plus VAT each, 12 available.
Funktion-One Res4D with flightcases: £8000 Plus VAT in a package of ten.
We also have full sets of three wide and five wide flying and ground stack hardware available.
MC2 E100 four channel power amp. £2000 plus VAT each, 18 available.
MC2 E100 package: Two MC2 E100’s and a XTA448 processor for £4800 plus VAT.